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JW Mundy & SonRestoring For The Future 

Antique Restoration

As the supply of antiques in this country slowly diminishes due to the amount being exported, more and more unrestored pieces are now making worthwhile projects, for financial or sentimental reasons. Wear and tear over the years have taken there toll on many a piece of furniture, especially when they didn't have the value that they do now, and were used as mundane everyday pieces of furniture.

We can carry out most types of furniture restoration and if we do not have the capacity to carry out the particular work, we are only too happy to recommend you to someone who is more suitable for your needs. Our policy is to be honest about the viability of the work, and advise accordingly.

It is surprising that no matter how tired the piece of furniture is looking, virtually all pieces can be transformed into cherished, useable furniture for any home, to be enjoyed and tresured for years to come.

Taking into account the type of finish most suited to the style of furniture, along with your own vision of how the restored piece should look, we hope to provide a tranformation that you would be proud to be part of.

From the smallest repair, to glueing up the loose joints on a chair, to a fully comprehensive restoration of a large piece can all be undertaken by us. 

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