JW Mundy & Son Restoring For The Future
JW Mundy & SonRestoring For The Future 

French Polishing

The mainstay of the company, is the art of French Polishing, an art that is disappearing fast in the UK, but one we are determined to keep alive here in Maidenhead. Jim's father was himself a French Polisher travelling all over the world practising the art, and now we have the third generation, David, putting into practise the accumulated knowledge and experience gained by the previous generations.

We continue to ignore the modern lacquers and spray finishes favoured by many polishers in these times, but stick to the tried and trusted traditional techniques that have served the furniture trade so well, over so many years.


From a full refinish, stripping off the old finish and completely repolishing, to a revive and wax polish, we can undertake all types of finish improvements, to meet both your needs, whilst advising on the best  course of action for the relevant piece of furniture. We are always available for advice, and freely recommend what course of action would be the most suitable cosmetically, and financially. 


Whether it be a piece of inlaid Edwardian Satinwood furniture, requiring a full piano type finish, to a rustic country piece more suited to a revive and wax finish, we can undertake the appropriate work for you.

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